Friday, September 16, 2011

Punchirikke Thillana Song Lyrics and MP3 Download from Thejabhayi and Family Malayalam Movie

One of the waste song from the movie Thejabayi and Family, that is rightly suitable for this Thillana rock version Song by Benny Dayal, Shaan Rahman and Rimy tomy. The song tried to create a mood of fast number from the starting, but miserably fails to create the intended spirit. The singers did a great job. This is only my opinion. What you think about the song. Feel free to comment your opinion here. Any way, even then if you want to download Thillana Song from Thejabhayi and Family, you can do it and can listen the song.Go ahead.

Oru Madhurakinavin Song MP3 Download and Lyrics from Thejabhai and Family Malayalam Movie

One of the popular song of 1980's Oru Madhurakanavin Lahariyilengo is now remixed in the new film of Prithviraj, Thejabhayi and Family. Another entry in to the remixes of old songs. Now, it is the turn of Deepak Dev who created some good songs in his latest Movie Urumi, to remix this song originally tuned by Syam for the film Kanamarayath. The song is a trendsetter of that era which had some amazing dance sequences from Rahman and Shobhana. The new version of Madura Kinavin has Prithviraj and Akhila in the same dance steps which is now recreated. The remix version of Madura Kinavin Lahariyil is now turned as a hit and top among the chart busters. Here you can download lyrics and mp3 of the song Madhura Kinavin Lahariyilengo from Thejabayi and Family directed by Deepu karunakaran. 

Pranayanilaa Hey Baby Song Lyrics and MP3 Download From Thejabayi and Family Malayalam Movie

Thejabhayi and Family, the new movie of Prithviraj has three songs in total set tuned by Deepak Dev and penned by Kaithapram and Bichu Thirumala. In this song list, if any one asked you that which one is melodious to hear, the only answer is nothing but Pranayanilaa song from Thejabhayi and Family, popularly known as Hei Baby Song. From the day one, the song aired on popular television channels, all Prithviraj fans eagerly watch Pranaya Nilaa song with great interest. The reasons are many to each persons, but may include some of the following:

Thejabhai and Family Malayalam Movie Songs Free Download: Lyrics and MP3

Prithviraj, the youth icon of Mollywood is back with his latest film for celebrate the Onam Season, Thejabhayi and Family. The film directed by Deepu Karunakaran has Akhila as the heroine of Prithviraj. The film has almost all comedy artists of Malayalam Film Industry. The songs are penned by and set music by Deepak Dev. There are three songs in the album in which one of the song is the remix version of old super hit song Madhurakinavin Lahariyilengo from Bichu-Thirumala-Shyam team. The other two songs are written by Kaithapram. Here you can download all the songs from Thejabhayi and Family using mediafire. Besides, you can find lyrics of all the songs from Tejabai and Family along with free mp3 songs download. So enjoy the moment with the melody and fast numbers from Thejabhayi and Family.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Salt N Pepper Malayalam Movie Songs Download: Free MP3 from Salt and Pepper Malayalam Movie

Check this page to Download MP3 Songs from Salt N Pepper Malayalam Movie directed by Aashiq Abu. Here we provide you links to download MP3 songs and lyrics for Salt and Pepper Malayalam Movie for free. The songs from Salt N Pepper are Premikkumpol Neeyum Njanum, Kaana Mullal Ul Neerum, Chempavu Pootha, Aanakallan( Ayyappan Poyyappan). You can download all the songs by following the links given below: